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    "Nani? Why is this? We agreed to Xinglong Company's smuggling of tobacco land under the guise of your name. Why can't we replace the smuggled items with fur?" Before Yukio Fujita could speak, Nobunosuke Murakami asked strangely from the side.

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    Old Marquis smiled and said solemnly: "The three prohibitions you mentioned are aimed at those who have sex hidden in areas controlled by the Nationalist Party by the Ministry of Social Affairs. In occupied areas, for Faced with Japanese invaders, we must be allowed to assassinate according to the Ministry of Social Affairs. This is also the latest directive of the Ministry of Social Affairs, of course, the other two prohibitions are still in effect."

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    "Don't worry, Nomura-kun, I'm more worried than you, if this business could be done sooner, it would be filled with white seas and gold ingots." Li Yixin answered firmly.

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    After completing the arrangements, Hideki Nomura rubbed his hands excitedly, smiled and said to Li Yixin: "Li Tang, this transaction will definitely be successful. I have tried my best to arrange the supply of goods, and I will consider it yours, now immediately go contact the buyer, let them prepare a time and place to pick up the goods, when the time comes, I will bring along a few trusted subordinates and people. of your company personally escort the car out of the store. city, and the rest of the transaction I will leave it all to you."

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    After all, this Yan Fuzhi is still valuable to the super high school. In addition to breaking the military command of Stone City Station, the super high school director Fujita Yukio also has another idea, that is, establishing Yan Fuzhi as a he. a model of military command agents received favors for imperial cooperation, which was beneficial for the future recruitment of military command personnel.

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    This was the last time He Langtao used Wang Qinglin, he knew very well that the special high school would never reveal the real reason why Wang Qinglin was detained.

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    Li Yixin heard this and immediately went out. He did not talk to Lao Wu, as if he did not know Lao Wu at all, and walked in the opposite direction of Lao Wu.

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    Ma Zhixin suddenly felt very familiar with Li Yixin's attitude and statement, because he had seen it from many officials of the Huangshan provincial government.

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    So Li Yixin picked up the phone again and asked Nomura Hideki to go for a drink at the Japanese restaurant he went to last time.

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    Hu Yongqiang's behavior was very appropriate, because Li Yixin and he had agreed in advance that if Li Yixin went to Jianzhong Trading Company during the day when there were many people, Hu Yongqiang had to pretend that Li Yixin had nothing to do with it. come to the company in front of the company's employees. appearance to deceive others.

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    After Ma Zhixin left, Li Yixin immediately took the phone on the table, preparing to call Hu Yongqiang.

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    "Okay, I won't hold you back. Tomorrow morning you go out and be seen by others. Tonight I can only think of a way to spend the night outside."

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    Nobunosuke Murakami chased Ly Nhat Han out of the office, watched Ly Nhat Han go downstairs, did not turn back to the office, but walked to Fujita Yukio's office.

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    "This is Mr. Fujita Yukio, the leader of our special advanced course."

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    Li Yixin's suggestion is really good! This was Yukio Fujita's first reaction.

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    Ly Nghe Han realized that Gao Hong Thanh misunderstood what he meant, so he smiled and said: "Okay, in two days I will convene everyone in the office for a meeting. First, I will introduce you to everyone. Second, I will correct you." ." . Some positions need to be adjusted, at which point I will announce that you will be the third deputy section chief, and you will be swapped with the second section chief, Ye Longfei, responsible for the Material Control Station in west of the city, the appointment of a department head is really not okay, after all, you are a newbie, there is no job, just rank to become a department head, a lot of people in the department will not accept it."

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    At this time, Wu Zhihai realized that something was wrong with the checkpoint in front of him, those bases had disappeared from the reach of the team members stationed at this checkpoint, and because he had shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the Jianzhong Business and Trade Park. The Trading Company's shipments, as Li Yixin told him, He suggested to Hu Yongqiang: “The checkpoint is really strange, Manager Hu, why don't you stop the carriage, and I will take a few people there to see the situation. ."

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    Li Yixin turned his head from an angle with difficulty while supporting Nobunosuke Murakami with some doubts. At this moment, he just happened to see a burly man coming out from the darkness on the side of the road, aiming at him with a pistol in hand. hand .

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    You know, deputy director Xu has been implementing a plan for a long time, sending people one after another to break into the underground organization of the Communist Party.

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    At first it was like that, but I think that no matter what, Vuong Khanh Lam himself still has certain abilities, and still has some merit to our Dai Nhat Empire in the past. We shouldn't let people who cooperate with our Great Japan Empire feel too cruel. So I persuaded Li Yixin and let Wang Qinglin go. But Li Yixin also put forward a condition, Wang Qinglin must be transferred, and he will not be allowed to continue working in Stone City. So, I come to ask you Sir, Li Yixin, do we agree to this condition? Nobuyuki Murakami The assistant briefly talked about the discussion between him and Li Yixin about Wang Qinglin's future, and asked Yukio Fujita to make the final decision.

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    Li Yixin saw all this in his eyes, but he didn't care too much, he was actually waiting for Nobunosuke Murakami to pick him up, and he might bleed again tonight .

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    He Guangzong really had no other choice, he could only grit his teeth and ask: "What does Manager Hu mean, how much is the storage fee?"

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    So he could only smile and say: "Okay, I know Brother Ly is a very busy person, but if you are busy for a while, you must make time to see Cao Hong Thanh. Of course, guests are still Cao Hong Thanh invites." Hong Thanh, how can you let the boss treat you? "What? Okay, I'll go up, ha ha."

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    What Murakami Nobunosuke said was an unreasonable justification for Japan's aggression against China, even considered a fig leaf!